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Sun and Rain - by Peet Vuur Real Friend by Peet Vuur Destiny by Peet Vuur

Peet Vuur uses a breakthrough technique that is immediately energizing to his audience. It creates a lasting impact and activates both sides of the audience's brain…the logical and the emotional. Groups learn faster and retention is higher. Peet uses live music to help create an individualized message designed around an organization's core values, objectives, and issues and incorporates the 3Es of public speaking: Educate…..Enlighten…..Entertain!

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Peet has several years of experience in the field of public speaking. Delivering high quality, entertaining, and results-oriented "Attitude" talks, he utilizes his talents as a speaker and musician to motivate and inspire both business organizations and student audiences.

Music can be a more efficient and encompassing extension of the spoken word. It enables the presenter to convey not only the logical but also the emotional meaning, in many cases overcoming personal, linguistic, and cultural barriers, as well as social differences.

As an inspirational speaker, Peet Vuur's presentations combine live, original music on acoustic guitar, including lyrics about topics and issues critical to an organization's needs.

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Peter Hicks is a Motivational and inspirational professional Speaker from Victoria BC with a real life personal story that is motivating and inspiring readers.